In a Snap of a Finger

There is one thing that I know from the start is that everything changes. A seemingly good life can turn into a bad one in a snap of a finger. This is the sad reality of life on this planet.

I know a person whose life was good – until they moved out in a place far away from his favorite place. Suddenly, his commute time became difficult and the once pleasant going home experience has now become a nightmare. From the previous 1 ride from home suddenly became 5 – in roads frequently hit by traffic jams. Add to that the threat of being bitten by dogs and a dark commute – risking his life. What a pitiful scenario.

Then suddenly I thought that we are all vulnerable to those scenarios. Our life may be good and pleasant now but it can change in a second.

One thing that I know that hasn’t failed for all of these things is God. Despite the changes, challenges and problems that we will face – He remains the same. His love remains the same from the past, present and will be on the future.

The challenges that we face in our lives – and my friend’s will end in time. We may not be in the favor of fate every time, still, the faith that we will show on our problems and challenges will be a stepping stone in our journey. It will not always be pleasurable life ahead of us, but God has shown us that on our lives, we have someone to hold on to, to bring our problems to, and to trust to that one day, there will light at the end of the tunnel.

About Barasoain Church

Barasoain Church is a Roman Catholic Church in Malolos City, Bulacan. It is renowned for its significance in the Philippine History during the late Spanish and early American periods. Today, it is a silent witness of present different from its past but staying resilient in the challenges lying ahead.
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