When Giving Means Love

It is common to find problems in our lives today. From small to big, this planet seems to have it all, just like a famous commercial: “We’ve got it all for you!”

Yet today, we’re taught that we should not let our guard down when it comes to giving. Listening to the homily during our live streaming session this morning, we have learned that giving is important to show love. It is possible to give without love but it is impossible to give love without giving. Love means sacrifice and to give love, giving is essential.

Aside from giving is important in love, God showed us that giving for others will result in bountiful harvest for yourself, too. It may or may not be given in the same way you have given but what you have given will be returned to you in some way. For one, giving is a reflection of love, and when that love is reflected back, you will receive.

However, the most important part of giving that we can see is, giving with all your heart and all your mind, and with all in your hands. This means we should give not only what we don’t need but rather give in a way we show the importance of the receiver. The importance of something is determined when we feel pain and sacrifice, and giving “until it hurts” is a way of showing how important that person is to us.

Today, we are being called to give especially in the approaching Christmas season. The season of giving is coming, let us show the love that God has given us through Jesus Christ.

About Barasoain Church

Barasoain Church is a Roman Catholic Church in Malolos City, Bulacan. It is renowned for its significance in the Philippine History during the late Spanish and early American periods. Today, it is a silent witness of present different from its past but staying resilient in the challenges lying ahead.
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