Hands that Changed the World

Humans can change the world. Using our hands, we have built buildings, created roads, founded communities, moved mountains and expanded oceans. It can raise praises to God and lead others. It is an awesome tool indeed.

More than carving our world, our hands are also capable of changing someone’s world. For instance, our works can mean success or failure for others. Our impact in this world is not only ours but also to others as well.

Jesus Christ’s hands are remarkable in one way. For one, it is where the nails were driven during the crucifixion. The other is that the same hands were also used to heal others from diseases and raise others from death. His hands have shown the way this world needs to be – to be with God. The work of Christ’s hands laid the foundation of the early Christian Church.

The human hands are remarkable, but Christ’s are even more remarkable than ours. With that in our possession, our ability to change the world for good is greater than ever will be.

About Barasoain Church

Barasoain Church is a Roman Catholic Church in Malolos City, Bulacan. It is renowned for its significance in the Philippine History during the late Spanish and early American periods. Today, it is a silent witness of present different from its past but staying resilient in the challenges lying ahead.
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