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Change - Blue ButtonBarasoain Weekly Reflection for 6 – 12 March 2016

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

Isaiah 43:19

I was looking back at the previous live streaming sessions that the church has done in the past two years. This year marks the second anniversary of live streaming in Barasoain Church so I thought it would be fitting to look back at the memorable videos that we have done.

While watching the first live streams that our parish has done, I also pondered on the improvements made in the live streaming we had. Previously, we need to setup everything from the laptop to the cameras to the sound system and then there is the tedious task of logging in and configuring the live streaming before we hit the “Start” button. We are also worried of the chances that the internet connection might drop out randomly and the camera wire get yanked stopping the live streaming. It was a tedious and delicate process back then.

Fast forward to 2016, the live streaming platform has improved. As soon as we open the computer program for live streaming we can already click “Start” even without logging in. Configuration is now saved in the hard drive and we just have to open it. We are even doing it in a multi-camera setup, which is a far-cry from what we have envisioned years ago.

This thing can be a reflection of our lives, do we look on ourselves before as tedious and stressful? Do we see ourselves always clinging to the problems of the past that we fail to improve? What does it take to improve ourselves and become a better person?

Become a better person requires some work and changes, just like our live streaming service, we hit different snags and problems before we arrived at what we are now. Changing people is actually more difficult than changing a service and it is where we need to look at.

But as followers of God, we will face unintended circumstances that will force us to change. Whatever change we have to go to, we just have to trust God that whatever change we will undergo, it is for our own good.

Change allows us to improve.

About Barasoain Church

Barasoain Church is a Roman Catholic Church in Malolos City, Bulacan. It is renowned for its significance in the Philippine History during the late Spanish and early American periods. Today, it is a silent witness of present different from its past but staying resilient in the challenges lying ahead.
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